What is LumberCon™?

LumberCon™ is a lightweight concrete deck plank that can be cut and installed like wood planks.

It will span 3 times longer than wood, requiring fewer structural joists for support. More durable than wood especially in harsh environments such as those near water or fire hazards. Plain or wood grained planks come in natural concrete gray and will hold stain and paint finishes for years.

3 x Stronger

A 2”x8” LumberCon™ plank is 3 times stronger than a comparable pine plank.

Span Farther

A pine plank needs support from a joist ever 16” to carry a commercial 100 lb/sq ft load. A comparable LumberCon™ plank only needs joists every 5’.

Why Choose LumberCon™?

LumberCon has a greater span capacity than same-size wood lumber and will not burn, rot, warp, rust, delaminate or splinter. It does not require any chemical treatment for insects or for ground or below grade uses.

Stainable & Paintable

What does Sherwin Williams and LumberCon™ have in common? The best looking deck board when used together. Here’s one sample color with their Infusion color base “Cork” Water borne with Pro Series Clear Protect Solvent base (can use Waterbase too)


Unbeatable strength

See the photo of the sandbags on the center of the plank. The plank is on blocks that are 6’ apart, representing a 6’ span. I believe that there are 8 80lb bags, or 640 lls. To be rated as a commercial load, you need to carry 100 lbs / sf ft. We are 6 ½ times better than that requirement. A residential load requirement is 50 lbs/ sq ft, so we are 13 times better than the residential load.



LumberCon™ is Class A Fire Retardant. You could stick one of our planks in a fire pit and it will still be there in the morning. LumberCon™ is also much more affordable than fire treated lumber.



LumberCon has been tested in extreme cold and performed well under freeze-thaw conditions. It also has been used as a boat ramp, with planks underwater most of the time. Wood planks used to be replaced every 3-4 years. The LumberCon planks have been in place since 2014.


Green, Sustainable Design

  • Regional manufacturing facilities support the economy and reduce the environmental impact caused by transportation of materials.
  • Raw materials that are extracted and processed near each manufacturing facility also reduce transportation.
  • Raw materials are low in toxicity —fibers.
  • Longer lasting materials not only require fewer resources for replacement but also reduce maintenance and repair costs.
  • LumberCon is non-combustible in accordance with ASTM E 136 and ASTM E-84.
  • Manufacturing processes focus on quality, first-run materials. Zero to Landfill project aimed at reducing amount of raw materials waste sent to the landfills by half.


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