Frequently Asked Questions

1What kind of saw is needed to cut LumberCon™ planks?
Standard skill saw with masonry blade.
2What kind of drill bit is required?
Standard masonry drill bit.
3Do you weaken LumberCon™ when you cut the prestress wire?
No, you can cut the lumber to shorten it by cross-cut (but do not rip) without weakening the board.
4Will LumberCon™ break if it is dropped?
Not normally. It might crack if dropped off a truck or upper floor, but not if it was dropped a few feet.
5Can you paint and stain LumberCon™ ?
Yes – any color. Typical concrete paint or stain from your local paint or building material store. Products we recommend can be found on our coatings page.
6Will LumberCon™ work as a decking plank?
Yes, LumberCon™ works great as a plank (“super-span”). A 2" plank will span 6′ under residential design and 5′ under commercial design. A 4" plank will span 14′ under residential design and 10′ under commercial design. See our span tables.
7How do you transport LumberCon™ ?
It is recommended to lift and carry the lumber joist-wise – not plank-wise. For example, a 2″x6″ piece should have the 6″ side held vertically.
8How is the LumberCon™ put together?
Standard deck hangers, connectors and screws will work.
9Can I use composite lumber with LumberCon™ ?
Any deck plank can be used on a structural C-plank frame.
10What psi is LumberCon™ ? What makes this different than regular concrete?
The patented C-plank typically has a minimum 4,000 psi. This special concrete is a prestressed composite product, is lightweight, and can be sawed and screwed.
11Is LumberCon™ affected by salt water?
No. We also offer DOT (department of transportation)-style factory coating with a 50 year warranty.
12Can LumberCon™ be used for landscape timbers? Can you bury it without any concerns?
Yes. There are no issues with soil contact or insects.
13Where do I buy LumberCon™ ?
We ship factory direct through our sales department, or order online here.
14How much does LumberCon™ cost?
We are similarly priced to other synthetic deck products and less expensive than LVL.  We do not need half of the under carriage structure of a traditional deck because of the strength and load capacity of the LumberCon planks.  Since the under carriage is about 75% of the total cost of a deck, the total project is less expensive when LumberCon is used.
15How long will LumberCon™ last as a joist?
The warranty is for 20 years, increasing to 50 years with the factory “DOT” coating.
16Do LumberCon™ planks stain or absorb water?
The uncoated lumber product can be stained any color. We recommend UGL and Sherman Williams products. The lumber that is factory coated to resist water has limited color choices.
17Can the pre-stressed wire be used as a conduit?
No, the wire is solid.
18Do I have to ground LumberCon™ ?
19Will drilling effect the wire?
Do not drill through the wire.
20What care and maintenance do we need to care for LumberCon™ ?
None for any framing lumber.
21Does temperature change cause concern with LumberCon™ ?
No, it is a stable product.
22What is the expansion and contraction for the material?
Small. The COEF is 0.000006 in/in/deg F. For example, a temperature change from 60F to 100F (40F) – a 20′ long structural C-plank member expands only 0.05″ or a little more than 1/32″.
23Can LumberCon™ be drilled to accommodate wiring and PVC lines in floor joists?
Yes, you can drill a hole on the longitudinal center of the lumber.
24Does LumberCon™ have any insulating value?
Yes, it is better than steel. R value is 3.9 per inch thickness.
25What is the fire performance?
Excellent. ASTM E-84 test results are 0 with an “A” rating. Concrete products are the best protection from fire.
26What is the moisture content?
Almost zero moisture.
27Will a surface or spider crack on the lumber affect its performance?
No, the prestressed concrete will maintain its strength even when it is cracked.
28Are there any hazardous ingredients that could leach out and cause an environmental problem?
No. There are no chemicals in C-plank that can cause an environmental problem.
29How does LumberCon™ compare to LVL on strength and pricing?
C-plank is similar to LVL on strength and typically less expensive, depending on the size. C-plank is less expensive than larger boards.
30How does LumberCon™ compare to standard lumber with installation time?
It is similar, but experts predict that LumberCon™ will get faster as contractors gain experience. The superior span characteristics will mean that less C-plank will be needed compared to wood.