Lumbercon vs. ipe decking: an in-depth comparison

Selecting decking material has become more challenging with choices like IPE and composite decking alternatives like LumberCon gaining popularity.

Both materials offer unique benefits. Understanding their differences is key to making an informed decision for your next residential or commercial project.

This comparison will help you choose between LumberCon and IPE decking for your next residential or commercial project.

Overview and History

IPE Decking, known for its durability and beauty, is a popular hardwood from South American forests. Popular for luxury decks, it resists rot, decay, and insects naturally.

LumberCon, on the other hand, represents a breakthrough in decking materials. Established in 2015, our material is a lightweight concrete deck plank that can be installed like traditional wood planks.

With over 100 years of combined engineering and management experience, our team has filed numerous patents and conducted full-scale product trials to perfect our offering for both residential and commercial use.

Key differences between Lumbercon and ipe wood

The primary distinctions between LumberCon and IPE hardwood lie in their composition, performance under various conditions, and aesthetic versatility.

Benefits of lumbercon: the best alternative to ipe wood

Choosing LumberCon for your any residential or commercial project comes with a host of advantages:

Fire resistance

Classified as Class A non-combustible material, LumberCon offers unparalleled safety in fire-prone areas.


LumberCon is a sustainable choice, requiring fewer resources over its lifespan compared to wood and composite materials.


Tested under extreme conditions, including freeze-thaw cycles and constant submersion, LumberCon remains resilient against all weather challenges.

Cost effectiveness

The lower cost per square foot, combined with minimal maintenance requirements, makes LumberCon an economically advantageous option.

IPE Alternatives: Look to LumberCon for Your Next Project

While IPE decking has been a traditional choice for its natural beauty and durability, LumberCon introduces a new era of decking solutions that address many of the limitations associated with wood and composite materials.

With its superior strength, sustainability, and versatility, our IPE alternative is poised to redefine outdoor living spaces.

For those looking to invest in a decking solution that combines aesthetic appeal with unparalleled durability and environmental responsibility, LumberCon offers a compelling alternative to IPE and other composite wood materials.

Get in touch to learn more about LumberCon and it's benefits for residential and commercial uses. We're looking forward to helping you with your next project.