LumberCon vs. Thermory Wood: A Comprehensive Comparison

In today's market, choosing the right material for construction and design projects is crucial for ensuring long-term success and sustainability.

Two popular options are LumberCon and Thermory wood.

While both materials offer unique benefits, a deeper dive into their features reveals that LumberCon stands out as the superior choice for modern residential and commercial needs.

Comparing Fire resistence

When choosing a material for your next commercial or residential project, it's important to review fire resistance to ensure safety and longevity.

LumberCon: Achieves a Class A fire rating, making it one of the most fire-resistant materials available. Concrete's natural properties ensure that LumberCon will not burn, providing unparalleled safety in residential and commercial applications.

Thermory Wood: Holds a Class B fire rating, which, while better than many traditional woods, still falls short of LumberCon's superior fire resistance.

In environments where fire safety is paramount, LumberCon is the clear winner.

Durability and Maintenance

LumberCon: Exceptionally durable, LumberCon resists rot, decay, and pest damage thanks to its concrete composition. It requires minimal maintenance, retaining its appearance with customizable staining, textures, and finishes. These features make it an ideal choice for long-term investments, as it reduces maintenance costs and efforts over time.

Thermory Wood: While it offers Class 1 rot resistance, Thermory wood still requires regular maintenance to preserve its original color and structural integrity. This includes applying oils and other treatments, which can add to the overall cost and effort required to maintain the material.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

LumberCon: As a concrete-based product, LumberCon offers a more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to wood. It does not contribute to deforestation and has a stable environmental impact over its lifecycle. Additionally, its durability means fewer replacements and less waste, further enhancing its sustainability profile.

Thermory Wood: Although Thermory wood is treated to improve its lifespan, it still faces challenges related to sustainability. The treatment process and the need for ongoing maintenance can have environmental implications, making it less eco-friendly compared to LumberCon.

Heat Resistance

LumberCon: Maintains a cooler surface temperature compared to wood and plastic decking, even in direct sunlight.

This feature addresses concerns about usability during hot weather, ensuring a comfortable and safe surface for various applications.

Thermory Wood: Like other wood products, Thermory wood can become significantly hotter than the surrounding air temperature when exposed to direct sunlight, potentially limiting its usability during peak summer months.



LumberCon: Offers a stable pricing model due to its concrete composition, which does not undergo significant price fluctuations. This stability is beneficial for budget planning and long-term financial forecasting in construction projects.

Thermory Wood: Subject to price fluctuations common to wood products, including those driven by supply chain issues, demand changes, and environmental factors.

This variability can complicate budgeting and project planning.

Customization and Aesthetic Flexibility

LumberCon: Available in custom lengths and various textures, LumberCon provides three standard finishes—plain gray, gray woodgrain, and natural sandblast. It can also be stained in any color using concrete stains, offering a high degree of customization to meet specific design needs.

Thermory Wood: While it offers a natural wood appearance, maintaining its original color and aesthetic appeal requires regular upkeep. This added maintenance can be a drawback for those seeking a low-maintenance, customizable solution.

lumbercon: a thermory alternative

When comparing LumberCon and Thermory wood, it becomes evident that concrete lumber offers numerous advantages that make it the preferred choice for modern construction and design projects.

For those looking to invest in a material that meets high standards of innovation, customization, and sustainability, LumberCon is the optimal choice. By choosing LumberCon, you ensure a reliable, high-quality product that addresses key concerns and delivers lasting value.

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